What A Blissful Relationship

I just had to share Liz & Erika's story. I had the pleasure meeting them through my bestfriend and capturing this long and over due engagement session.

Liz and Erika met through unfortunate circumstances. It was the end of July in 2012, when they both met; They both were passing out flyers for a mutual friends daughter who passed away. Talk about an unfortunate and unexpected life event. Sometimes the people you meet unexpectedly have the biggest impact on your life. Erika was interested first. How cute is that?!?! Erika had a pick up line & everything, she was ready. She said "When are u gonna teach me how to drive stick" hahaha.

And yes you guess it, Erika pick up line worked, she give Liz her number and they made it official August 4th.

FIRST DATE: On their first date they went mini golfing & like Lou Graham says, "Hitting the ball is the fun part of it, but the fewer times you hit the ball the more fun you have." but Liz WON that game...lol

They got engaged 2/16/16. What a cool date and if you know me you know I like number like that means since. They are not married yet but with the way they love on each other I know they will real soon. Their favorite song is John legend all of me. I ask Erika if she remember the first movie they watched together and she responded by saying " I don't remember the first movie we watched since we watch soooo many" lol but hey who can blame her I'm the same exact way. The first road trip was to Philly, where they make the best Philly Cheese Steak & who doesn't like a good made Philly Cheese Steak. And just incase you are wondering Liz did taught Erika how to drive stick shift.

What a beautiful Love story. Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are & I want to thank Erika and Liz for allowing me to capture their love through my lens. I'm forever grateful.