Outdoor Self-Love Boudoir Session

I first met Tiana through a mutual friend Ashlynn who I admire so much. Right away I was in awe of the way she carried herself and the vibe she put out. I mean she’s stunning, AM I RIGHT? Tiana reminds me of a top model, the way she poses and all her good vibes she put into every single photo. It was my very first outdoor self-love boudoir session & she rocked it like a true model. I'm telling you she's a freaking model in disguise and don't even know it. LOL

This session took place out in Valley Forge, PA near King of Prussia and had elements of chic mixed with badass babe. It was super important to me to get a number of different images so we utilized the beautiful landscape there. Being outdoors in the middle of no where is my happy place and I am so privileged to be able to capture outdoor photos like these.

I am a island girl at heart & will always be; That island girl who loves & misses the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. But I'm also that woman who grew an intense love for wide open spaces, the quietness of the country, the sounds of the city at night. Here in Pennsylvania I have found that there is so much more to life. I have a penchant for coffees, dogs, cute hats, and capturing beautiful moments. Anyways, back to this session LOL because I can write all day about the things I like if you let me. Some of you may know just how much I love natural light but this session – it was like the sun had come out to worship this woman and my gosh did she deserve it.

Tiana has never done anything like this before but her courage should be what every female empower themselves to do – two things that are near and dear to my heart. This awesome badass girl did that and so much more for me. If you’re looking for some gorgeous, fun, empowering, self-love positivity photos, contact me because I will make it all worth your time. I always get super excited.

Check out these amazing & beautiful photos below.

Hope you liked them all